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Last Friday marked the official first day of summer. And while it was warm on Friday, the weather took a bizarre turn–Rain until Tuesday. Mid-week it warmed up again–a hot, humid type of weather; odd for San Francisco. Wednesday also marked a milestone in marriage quality. City Hall celebrated the dismissal of Prop 8 with a colorfully lit buildings. This weeks mini day-to-day moments seen through 4×4 photos:

Sunflowers to brighten the day.

Sunflowers to brighten the day.

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A fun day at Alta Plaza Park, enjoying the sun with Zoe and friends.

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Driving into San Francisco. A gloomy, rainy day…in June!

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Visiting the Exploratorium in its new, bigger playground on Pier 15 .

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One of my favorite Exploratorium experiences is difficult to explain, and impossible to really show in a photograph. It’s an enormous parabolic mirror, originally designed for use in a flight simulator, which somehow creates a 3D space you can walk into, letting you coexist with your reflection. It’s razor sharp and feels eerily like real life — except for the fact that some of what you see is upside-down.

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Oysters at Hog Island. What could be better than to slurp succulent oysters with a glass of champagne (or quality craft beer) while sitting outside right at the water’s edge at this Embarcadero?

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Meet, Teddy! He is the newest addition to our family.

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Japantown–A blazing hot, humid day in San Francisco.

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The aftermath of Korean BBQ at Seoul Garden–No meat for me (not gluten-free); I enjoyed a ton of side dishes of rice, seaweeds, kimchi bean sprouts and such. (Caution, not everything is gluten-free. But, do your homework and you’ll be fine. Here are some resources: Tips on eating Korean BBQ for the gluten-free folks as well as Ban Chan dishes one can have that are gluten-free.)

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A landmark day and historic win for marriage equality.

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Proposition 8 Dismissal Celebrated In The City That Started It All

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